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24 August 2011 @ 11:44 am
New articles!  
But first, Manna Daily on Facebook has relocated, so instead of it being a personal profile, it is now a page. So, if you have it, please like us. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Manna-Daily/122889434476439

Finnish ELLE published a page with Manna's style.

(click image for bigger)

And SOUNDI published an interview with Manna, which you can read in Google-Translate-English under the cut.

MANNA - “Many are my dream come true.”

Manna recorded their third album in Los Angeles with the renowned Alain Johannesen. Shackles with a new album dark art rock sounds strong and self-confidence.

Manna arrives with a black bicycle. Her wrist helisee big jewelry. Manna strips them off, because the bracelets are just a description of the props. They do not indicate the name of his third album. It is another kind of bondage.

Jäntiksi a woman named Mariam is getting a second interview. Italian Vogue magazine, is a story of Helsinki artists and their tyyleistään. Manna was filmed driving the bike around the square.

When I was younger Algerian-Finnish Manna was the model works. However, she stopped the first album (Sister, 2007), the publication below.

While the first album appearance of Manna was already in his thirties, he has always been doing music. First, it was time for the Suzuki School, where learning how to play piano and sing by ear. Then came the traditional piano lessons and singing in the choir. Weekly Money, of course, used plates.

Later came to include solo singing lessons, music schools and musical theater for students of the Alexander Theatre.

- I had a lot of musical dreams, but I do not have the courage to implement them. I refused at all the bands, and backing vocals requests. I studied very hard, but when you should have gone in front of people to do something, as I discovered at the reasons not to go.

Manna is often cited in connection with his older brother, among other things, depression, and Smackissa called Harry, “Rane Raitsikka” Jäntti. Manna says victim’s brother to think about the impact of music a couple of drift. Siblings, however, twelve years age difference. Rane also emigrated to America, where the manna was only in grade school.

- Yes, we were visited by Kaivarin summer concerts, or somewhere else Smackin stuff. In that sense, it was commonplace, but also exciting and fascinating. However, when I do not think that I’ll take the example of that. I have been a pretty private life.

- I was quite a lonely child. I had a lot of two of my mother. My mother was working all the time and I entertained myself by listening to music. It became a world of your own. Black and feel that I do a bit more music at that angle. I do terribly alone. I do not want to justify my texts and I want to stick to their own stories. It is important that the music is truly born, and some feeling. Musa has me terribly, and their own healing story.

Sister-only debut album title song was composed by Manna and lyrics. Elsewhere, he helped Joel Melasniemi, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, the band members and ex-husband, HIM guitarist Mikko “Linde” Lindstrom.

- The first time I started to drive hissukseen. I had only a small area, which is in control. That I have gone ahead. Now I have some self-confidence.

- Ekalla album I wrote the words and sang. Those words are really important to me, and I stand behind them. I am glad that I’ve been so honest in those texts.

- The name of the album the song was composed by my and I somehow I felt that why I would not do more the next. I thought I would start with a calm that is my entire disc needed to do. Somehow, these songs, but then came. When I started to do, so it is natural to feel awful.

Manna playing with thick dark hair, palmikoi and open them in turn. He will continue to reflect on why it was initially so controversial, and the presence of his own making music with.

- Above all, it was a question of self-esteem. Associated with some sort of sense of inadequacy. On the other hand it could not get anything if you do not take the first step. The first step is often the most frightening and difficult. It is always a risk of failure. People can like or they can be pretty full slate. In a way, you’re safe as long as you do not take that first step. For a long time I do not have the forces to settle out.

- The same is true of all things. From any talk about dreams, then take the first step requires the most courage. It is also terribly important to understand that you can not go directly to anything. Graduation issues and progress is the number of steps. It applies to all the cleaning of human relationships. When making music with other discs stronger sources of inspiration are movies and books.

- They cause somehow stronger sensations. These worlds will go in a different way and they are easier to write.

- I do the melodies are often the most moving, when they do not consciously seek to apply. While walking on the train and thoughts seem to go to a different frequency. Waiting, or such that the aim may be true for any pure and fertile state. Often the issues can be solved, when they do not think his head through.

- The melodies are important to me. They have my music, it is human-friendly element. I like it sounds, that is exciting stuff, and levels. There are all kinds of experimentation. For example, small noise elements and rough sounds that an entity consciously häikkää, which makes it more interesting. In production I always siltäkin corner that I want to surprise a whole, and for myself as new elements.

Manna was already Songs Of Hope And Desire album (2009) himself in music as the record of decision. Tuottamisapuna he was Mikko Joensuu, who also played the album all the guitars. Dark and emotional art rock tradition to continue through Shackles-ROM in a way, he goes even further. It publishes its own Snow White Manna Records - he was called as a child Lumikiksi - through. Finland Shackles will appear through the Sony Music and is licensed to drive forward area at a time.

- As such there is no more valuable, that will do more for yourself. The listeners did not think so. Yet black and feel that women are often considered more a perspective that they do not do enough for themselves, if only to sing. It is easier to think that the back is someone who vetelee strings. If I read the statement myself, for someone to build a black one, so I’m doing the hair rises up. No one except me will not build itself. Nothing would happen without me.

- There is no right or wrong way to make music. Everyone does what wants to do. It does not specify the value of art. Everyone has their own starting points and methods. While it is important to me also composes and writes lyrics, some of it is sufficient that sings. Elvis did not make any copies, but many consider the time of his interpretations. It is his art.

- I make the final decisions on every point. It is really exhausting. I dreamed that one of my next project, where someone else to write and I sing. I have been a dream to make French the disc, as it is between me and my father’s language. We’re Kerkko Koskinen, with a planned, he said and I compose and sing. It would be a completely different story than their own plates. That would be even elokuvallisuus, but jatsimpi and orchestrated.

Shackles, the album was recorded mainly in May in Los Angeles. Remained involved in some of the canned Helsinki, demoksi for stuff. Good-quality demos Manna wrote together with Mikko Joensuu. Recordings in the United States oversaw the Queens Of The Stone Agessa played in several rock bands and produced by Alain Johannes. Alain studio and Manna were doubled

- Alain recorded and played, sang and arranged Manna. Steve and Alain play almost everything on the disc of music to be heard. In addition to them included drummer Gene Trautmann pistäytyi, who plays two songs.

- My manager, Jonathan Rice, had worked with Alain somewhere in the project. When I started to think about the producer of this disc, so me did not come to mind anyone. He then suggested Alainia. The name did not tell me anything, so I went to listen to everything that was done. Of course, I was impressed. Alain has done quite a broad mindless music.

- Then Jonathan sent my demos to appear before him and asked that interested in this sort. Alain had liked them and said that if I go there in May, so be it. They had never met each other, but had been in contact with other projects and artists within the framework. I’ve had a good tsägä So that was sort of a man who knew how to bring him my life.

At least a good tsägä also visited the Wishing Well, the song heard raspikurkku with Mark Lanegan. He recorded his own album in the same studio, heard the music and the Manna that came on the disc.

- Alain recorded the wet at the same time as me. He had recorded a half levystään perhaps, when I got there. They had sumplinut it so that Mark will be back then, when I go. I do not have the recording time than 12 days.

- We had the audio recordings between one day and Mark was gone when singing their own songs. He was then heard my entire stock of Men Lead single and liked it very much. Alain said that it would be great if Mark will sing some songs. Mark really likes a lot of cooperation between the stories and makes them a lot.

- I thought that it’s just a throw. Then it was taken my two songs to his home and wrote his own verse Wishing Welliin. I first thought, that there is some background, but he wanted to do a duet, which has its own stanza. It was a complete surprise to me.

The end of the disc offered a touch of exoticism. The last song is an old Finnish lullaby Unilintu.

- The idea came from Alain. It has done this Desert Sessions CDs Josh Hommen, and others. Alain suggested that we would be amongst one of the Finnish song, which is important for me somehow.

- I had just decided that the tenth song disc does not fit into the whole. I diskannut it, and I felt that the nine songs is enough. Then we did this song that my mother sang me and I’m singing my daughter Olivia, and that is a song that is running away from my real often. I outlined the urkujuttuja something and think that it would be wonderful to get the same viba as the disk is anyway. That became a really good ending song.

The third albumiinsa related expectations of Manna is a realistic but hopeful.

- If I’ve done the disk, where I can be proud of, so it’s really all I can do. Sure would be nice if people could find this and a foreign record company to publish this. The larger the audience hears the disk, so it is desirable, it certainly is, but it’s not the kind of thing you could think about when making music. Music is so personal and important thing that I do not compromise on it.

- World can accommodate many kinds of music. Abroad has many kinds of experimental stuff gone through. You have to remember that success can be more than just the world’s largest contract with the record company.

- I am already here, where I am now. Number of my dream has come true. I dared to take the time to do and went head first into the stories. I am confident in myself now. I trust my own music. I have an idea of ​​what I want to do, and I dare to do it. Not that it is more complicated.

Text: Tero Netherlands
Pauladeathpunkscum on August 24th, 2011 05:05 pm (UTC)
That was funny to read :D I saw that magazine in the rack and wondered how soon would it be up at Manna_daily.. So really soon it was :D
m.: STOCK → {seahorse}maryjanewatson on August 24th, 2011 08:24 pm (UTC)
Well, her team's pretty fast putting that stuff up on Facebook, and I'm just online 24/7, so... XD