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{Manna is}
a singer/songwriter born in Paris to a Finnish mother and an Algerian father who spent most of her childhood travelling between those countries. Now based in Helsinki, Finland, Manna is set to release her third album, yet unnamed, in the fall of 2011.

{In her own words:}
” I am not interested in creating anything except heartfelt music, it can be either beautiful or just plain aggressive - often both. I grew up listening as much pop, folk and blues music than I loved the early New York punk scene bands. Anyway, there should be no rules when it comes to making music, it’s when you let go of them and follow your intuition that it starts getting interesting. Sound is god and I love music."

{This community is}
a place to share her pictures, news videos and such things. No downloads of her official releases are allowed, nor are speculations on her personal life. We are here to celebrate her music.

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